Cinderella cover

Headley Theatre Club presents—Cinderella
Baron Hardup's household as tradition tells it – with immortal lines

18th—26th January 2002 at Headley Village Hall

Photos of the show

Cast List . . .

Gladys, the Fairy Godmother Mo Cooke
Gloria, her sister, a bad but incompetent fairy Laurie Lewis
Puck, a peripatetic pixie Ashleigh Keech
The Baron Hardup Nick Webb
Cinderella, his daughter by his first wife Heidi Farnlucher
Nasturtium, imported daughter of the Baron's second wife Dorian Burrows
Petunia, ditto John McGregor
Griselda, their mother and the Baron's second wife Pru Harrold
Buttons, the Baron's handyman Daniel Radford
The Squire Welwyn Jamie Stickler
Baldock, the Squire's bailiff Lee Carter
The Prince Charming, heir to the throne of Concordia Karina Farnlucher
Dandini, aide to the Prince Rachel Whittaker
Alice, a village girl Becky Radford
Coachman Katie Woodger

Senior Chorus: Carly Barbey, Denise Burrows, Justine Carter, Jenna Cross, Wendy Downs, Maggie Farnlucher, Lizzie Hemus, Amy Holloway, Georgia Keen, Emily Lamport, Kay McGregor, Liv Persson, Michelle Thorne, Mel Tregay, Deb Williamson, Dil Williamson, Katie Woodger

Junior Chorus: Emma Courtnage, Suzie Davis, Rosie Diamond, Emily Downs, Elana Farah, Theo Farah, Samantha Gedsyk, Helen Keech, Siān Lewis, Chantelle Myall, Danielle Owen, Moa Persson, Matthew Powell, Sammie Tayler, Daisy Whillans

Musical Director — Jo Levy

Author/Producers — Jo Smith & Dil Williamson

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue - Puck's Piece (Front of Tabs)
Scene 1 - A Street in the Town (Full Set)
Scene 2a - Gloria's Grotto (Half Set)
Scene 2b - A Room in the Palace (Front of Tabs)
Scene 3 - In Baron Hardup's Kitchen (Full Set)
Scene 4a - In the Fairy Glen (Half Set)
Scene 4b - Another Street in the Town (Front of Tabs)
Scene 5 - Back in Baron Hardup's Kitchen (Full Set)

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

The Interlogue - Gloria's Grotto (Half Set)
Scene 1 - At the Ball in the Palace (Full Set)
Scene 2a - The Rumour Scene (Front of Tabs)
Scene 2b - In the Fairy Glen Again (Half Set)
Scene 3 - Again in Baron Hardup's Kitchen (Full Set)
Scene 4 - Community Song (Front of Tabs)
Scene 5 - In the Palace again (Full Set)

The play ran for approximately 2½ hours including the interval

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