Robinson Crusoe
adapted from a script by Jennifer Thomas

15th—23rd January 2010 at Headley Village Hall

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Cast List . . .

Leslie Swashbuckle, Sailor — John McGregor
Sidney Swashbuckle, Sailor — Peter Glinn
Mate — Lee Carter
Captain — David Burnham
Sailors — Vicky Meadows, Jean Teuten, Mavis Standing
Robinson Crusoe — Abigail Englefield
Sue, Robinson's Girlfriend — Emily Downs
Mrs Crusoe, his mother — Paul Kosinski
Scruffy, the Cat — Alex Clark
Basildon Crusoe, Robinson's brother — Mel White
Maryanne, Basildon's girlfriend — Isabelle Glinn
Dolly, Mrs Crusoe's sister — Martin Wellen
Dolly's children:—
  Beatrice — Katherine Wellen
  Cruise — Zak White
  Brooklyn — Tom Sharkey
  Chrystal — Amie Chichester-Constable
  Apple — Lisa Wood
  Paris — Zya White
Island Children: Charlotte Sharkey, Thomas Hiller, Adam Clark
Island Children, Duet in 'Boxer': Vicky Sharkey, Emma Crane
Fairy Tinkerbelle — Karina Farnlucher
Sea Messenger — Tina Wareham
Fairy Queen — Dil Williamson-Smith
Tangerine, Serena's companion — Kay McGregor
Serena, Chief's daughter — Caroline Kosinski
Hob Nob, Chief of the Island — Rod Sharp
Gingernut, Chief's Wife — Wendy Downs
Nellie the Elephant and Island Children: Holly Chappell, Annaliese Farnlucher
Friday, Robinson's side-kick — Nick Webb
Chorus: Maggie Farnlucher, Vicky Meadows, Jean Teuten, Mavis Standing, Wendy Downs, Caroline Kosinski, Nick Webb

Production Team

Director — Pru Harrold

Musical Director — Jo Levy, Instrumentalists Martin Levy (guitar), Connor Burt (percussion), Jo Smith (electric bass)

Junior Rehearsals — Vicky Meadows, Mel White

Wardrobe — Dil Williamson-Smith

Stage Managers — Paul Heath, Paul Wareham

Stage Crew — Paul Heath, Paul Wareham, Tony Wareham, Peter Kosinski

Lighting/Sound — Steve White/Pru Harrold

Set Construction — Cast and Crew

Front of House — Neil & Janet Hardinge and helpers

Publicity — Tina Wareham

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

Scene 1 - The Quayside at Portsmouth
Scene 2 - Somewhere above Portsmouth
Scene 3 - The Green Cockatoo Inn, Brazil
Scene 4 - Somewhere in Fairyland
Scene 5 - On the deck of the Saucy Sue

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

Scene 1 - The remote island of Hi Sing
Scene 2 - Robinson's island
Scene 3 - Cave of the walking sea
Scene 4 - On the island of Hi Sing
Scene 5 - Back in Fairyland
Scene 6 - Home again

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval


In fairness, we had been short of rehearsal time due to snow.

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