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Established 1952
Tel: 01428 712892

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based at Headley , Bordon, Hampshire

A brief history of Headley Theatre Club . . .
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The Headley Pageant of 1951

A village pageant was organised in 1951 to celebrate the Festival of Britain.
The success of this led directly to a second pageant in 1953 celebrating the Queen's Coronation, and also to the formation of Headley Theatre Club in 1952.

Objects of the Club

The prime object of the Club, as stated in our Original Constitution, is "To unite the village in good fellowship", and this we still strive to do.

What's in a name?

There was much criticism voiced at the time about the choice of name for this organisation – it was thought by some that the term 'Theatre Club' sounded too exclusive for a village amateur dramatic society . . . but it stuck.

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Past performances involving Headley Theatre Club

. . . including a Pantomime (nearly) every year since 1952 – Oh yes we did!

1952 Vaudeville production - "Well Done" - programme (director: Col. M Digby)
Blithe Spirit (director: Di Rabbetts)
1953 Robinson Crusoe (director: Biddy Deane)
Musical evening (director: Maj. S Casey)
Elizabethan pageant
A Murder Has Been Arranged (director: Di Rabbetts)
1954 Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves - ticket (director: Col. M Digby)
Gala performance (for Village Hall funds)
Shall we Join the Ladies? (director: Di Rabbetts)
The Lady's Not For Burning (director: Eveline Clarke)
1955 Goody Two Shoes (director: Bunty Mendus Edwards)
The Happiest Days of Your Life (concert) - for Village Hall funds - photo and report
The Fish / The Deluge (1-acts)
1956 Sleeping Beauty (director: Col. M Digby/Mrs Edwards)
May Travellers Joy (director: Di Rabbetts)
Anastasia (The Recognition Scene) (1-act)
Love & Lunacy / Soot (1-acts)
1957 Pantomime (title unknown, author: Mrs. Fry, director: Di Rabbetts)
Private Lives / Mayor of Torontal (1-acts)
1958 The Rose and the Ring (director: Eveline Clarke)
- Records lost – please let us know if you have any details hidden away -
1960 Ladder for Lucy (1-act) (director: Di Rabbetts)
Dec Dial 'M' for Murder (director: Di Rabbetts)
1961 The Witch (1-act) (director: Di Rabbetts)
1962 Present Laughter (director: Di Rabbetts)
May Roar Like a Dove (director: Eveline Clarke)
Bonadventure (1-act) (director: Roger Milton)
1963 Pygmalion (director: Di Rabbetts)
Nov Four Queens wait for Henry / And Nellie Came Too / Pygmalion Act 3
1964 Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (director: John Chasty) - photo and report
Your Obedient Servant (director: Eveline Clarke)
Venus Observed (director: Colonel Williams)
The Tree (1-act) (director: Di Rabbetts)
1965 Little Red Riding Hood (director: Di Rabbetts)
May The Grass is Greener (director: Di Rabbetts)
Dark Lady of the Sonnets (1-act) (director: John Chasty)
1966 Jack and the Beanstalk (director: Eveline Clarke)
Gigi (director: Dawn Lewcock)
Nov Shall We Join the Ladies? / The Count's Marie / Unhand Me Squire (1-acts)
1967 Cinderella (author/director: John Chasty) - photo and report
Mar Edwardian Music Hall (director: Pauline Buck) - photo and report
White Sheep of the Family (director: Chris Forde)
In the King's Bosom / The Goldfish Pond (1-acts)
1968 Charlie's Aunt (director: Di Rabbetts)
Spring play (title unknown) (director: Dawn Lewcock)
The Island (1-act) (director: Mrs Lavington)
1969 Albert Laddin (director: Dawn Lewcock)
Wanted, One Body (director: Stan Sharp)
The Form / Mayor of Torontal (1-acts)
1970 Toad of Toad Hall (director: Stan Sharp) - programme
Apr I'll Get My Man (director: Stan Sharp)
Nov The Laboratory / Irresistible Albert (J) (1-acts) - report
1971 Robinson Crusoe (author/director: Stan Sharp) - programme - report 1 - report 2 - photo
May Breath of Spring (director: Ray Pascoe) - report
Nov Sea Splash (J) author: Lily Walsh / The Party author: Lily Walsh (J)/ The Playgoers (1-acts) - programme - report
1972 Feb: Ring Around the Moon (Youth) - programme - photo and report - report 2
Apr Angels in Love (director: Di Rabbetts) - report

Supper evening with sketches, etc: Do it Yourself / Home from Home / They Made her Wild (by Headley WI) - photo and report

Nov Instruments of Darkness (Youth, 1-act) - report - report 2
1973 Sleeping Beauty (adaptor & director: Dawn Lewcock) - photo and report
May Ladies in Retirement (director: Marie Bryan) - photos, report and programme
Sep Victorian Evening (£40 to Village Hall funds) - photo and report
Sep The Fire Raisers (Youth) - photo and report - report - report 2 - photo
1974 Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood - photo and report
May Come Back Tomorrow / Saxon Wives of Ellendune / The Fish (1-acts) - programme - report - photos from The Fish: #1 - photo #2 - photo #3
Gay 20s evening
1975 Aladdin
May The Love of 4 Colonels
Sep What Shall We Tell Caroline / The Bald Primadonna (1-acts)
Nov Lord Arthur Saville's Crime - programme
1976 Dick Whittington (author: Stan Sharp)
Apr Man of Mode
The Orchestra / Operation Cold Cure (1-acts)
Nov Skin of Our Teeth
1977 Jack and the Beanstalk
May Move Over Mrs Markham - photo & report
Mummers' Play at carnival
Sep The Real Inspector Hound / A Fishy Business (1-acts)
Oct Present Laughter (25 year anniversary evening) - £60 to Village Hall funds
1978 Cinderella
May The Noble Spaniard
Sep Life of Hercules, part 1 (1-act) at ADAC
Oct This Desirable Cottage / Restoration Piece / Life of Hercules - photo & report
1979 Ali Baba (author: Stan Sharp)
May The Shop at Sly Corner
Aug HTC Jumble Sale
Aug The Proposal / Four Walls / Rock Bottom (1-acts)
Oct Here We Come Gathering
1980 Christmas Entertainment evening
May Ritual for Dolls / Housekeeper Wanted (1-acts)
May HTC Car Rally
Jun Ritual For Dolls (1-act) at Farnham Maltings
Jun HTC Skittles
Aug HTC Jumble Sale
Sep Tomb With a View
1981 Mother Goose
Apr This Happy Breed
Jun Mummers' play at fete
Jul HTC Jumble Sale
Sep Words of Advice / Rumpus at Railsford (1-acts)
Oct Words of Advice (1-act) at ADAC (won 2nd place)
1982 Red Riding Hood
Apr How the Other Half Loves - photo & report
Jun Midsummer Nights Dream (parts) - at fete
Jul HTC Jumble Sale
Oct DYFO (J)/ One Season's Living / No Man's Land (1-acts)
Nov One Season's Living (1-act) at ADAC
1983 Sleeping Beauty (3 Saturdays)
May Brides of March
Village Hall extension completed
Jul Sweet Fanny Adams - at fete
Sep HTC Car Rally
Oct Excuses (J)/ Ragwoman of the Shambles / Storm in a Saucepan (J)/ A Fishy Business
1984 Sinbad the Sailor
Apr Shakespeare evening
Jul Black Eyed Susan - at fete
Oct Angel's Folly (J)/ Outpatients / Little Brother, Little Sister
Nov Twelfth Night (ADAC Stage Management)
1985 Goody Two Shoes - photos
Mar Woman in White
May Little Brother, Little Sister (1-act) at ADAC (1st) - photo & report
Jul Music Hall
Sep Ernie's Incredible Illucinations (J)/ Hairdo / Shelter (1-acts)
Oct An Inspector Calls
1986 Dick Whittington - photos
Mar Downgoing of Orpheus Hawkins / Dream Jobs (Junior evening)
Apr Bus Stop / We've Got Minds of Our Own / Frank's Christmas (auth: Sarah Horne)
May Frank's Christmas (1-act, by Sarah Horne) at ADAC
Jul Music Hall - photos [same day as the Carnival]
Oct Sailor Beware
1987 Aladdin
Mar The Incredible Vanishing / The "Rabble Rousers" / The Right Place (Junior evening)
Apr Who Calls? / Nine Floors, Not Counting the Mezzanine / Genteel / Fumed Oak - photos
May Fumed Oak (1-act) at ADAC
Jun 35 year anniversary evening
Jun Moonlight Walk (Grayshott to Headley)
Jul 20s & 30s evening - photos
"Franglais" evening at Haslemere (Bernay twinning)
Oct Lucky For Some
1988 Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs - photos
Feb HTC Jumble Sale
Mar The Idiot King / You, Me, and Mrs. Jones (Junior)
Apr Barn Dance
Apr Husbands Supplied / What Shall We Do With the Body? / Curses, Foiled Again
May Murder in the Cathedral (ADAC, performing/stage management) - toured 4 churches around Alton
Jun "Auction of talents" evening - photos - made £510
Jul Music Hall - photos
Oct Beyond a Joke
Oct HTC CarRally
Nov Sponsored "24 hr Shakespeare" - made £2,000 for 'Children in Need'
1989 Puss in Boots
Mar Sleeping Cutey / The Diary of Adrian Mole (Junior)
Apr Just Another Day / Sunday Costs Five Pesos / Pastiche (1-acts) plus 3 Sketches
Apr "Franglais" evening at Headley (Corné twinning)
May Curses, Foiled Again (1-act) at ADAC
Jun "Auction of Talents" evening (with Scouts) - we each made £250
Jun Mummers Play on 'Pentlow' lawn (for charity)
Jun Barn Dance
Jul "Everyone's Gone to the Moon" - a celebration of the 60s - photos (Sat was Carnival day)
Oct Separate Tables
Nov Sponsored "24 hr Comedy"
1990 Cinderella - photos
Mar Super Supper Evening (one-acts?)
May Canterbury Tales (ADAC, performing/stage management) - in a marquee in St Lawrence churchyard, Alton
Jun Treasure Hunt
Oct A Murder is Announced (Agatha Christie centenary)
Nov Sponsored Play in a Day - "The Hindsight Saga" (author: Jo Smith)
1991 Robin Hood - report and photo
Mar William Goes Camping / The Dark Side / Arthur (Junior/Youth)
Apr The Long Noon / Red Spy at Night / The Purging (1-acts)
May Double or Quits - including Act 3 of 'Plaza Suite' (ADAC)
Jun An Evening of Murder (for audience to solve)
Jul Music Hall
Sep Quiz evening
Oct Tom Jones - photos
1992 Jack and the Beanstalk - report and photos
Apr An Ideal Husband
Nicholas Nickleby (ADAC)
Jul Headley carnival - photo
Jun Fortyssimo - 40 year anniversary review
Sep Share and Share Alike (youth)
1993 Sleeping Beauty
Apr A Phoenix Too Frequent / Knightsbridge / George (1-acts)
The Women of Troy (ADAC) - HTC not involved
Jun Car Boot Sale on village green
Jun ?Youth production - or did it become a quiz evening?
Sep Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Macbeth - photos
Oct This Bloody Crew (aka Riot!) - HTC members involved [touring]
1994 Pinnochio - photos (+ at Lindford WMC)
Apr Grass Widows / youth music / Wife Required / Joining the Club (1-acts)
May The Lady's Not For Burning (ADAC)
Jul Wartime Memories (40s evening) for D-Day
Oct See How They Run
1995 Humpty DumptyDVD
Apr "Auction of Talents" evening (with Headley Society)
May I Love My Love & Mixed Doubles
May Taming of the Shrew (ADAC) - HTC not involved
May Dramatic Walk round Hindhead (for the NT) – report & photos
Jun Wartime Memories (40s evening) for VE-Day
Sep Gone Up In Smoke (youth)
Oct A Balance of Trust - HTC members involved [touring]
Dec The True Story of King Wenceslas (for Headley Society)
1996 Sinbad the Sailor
Feb The Importance of Being Earnest (Bunbury - HTC involved)
Mar Poems & drama in All Saints' church
Apr Breezeblock Park
May Dramatic Walk round Hindhead again (for the NT)
Jun Old Time Music Hall
Sep (youth)
Oct Confusions
1997 Nutcracker - report and photos
Apr Easy Stages (youth) + Hilary Bishop School of Dancing
May Flora's Peverel - report and photosDVD [touring]
Aug Old Time Music Hall (+ at Lindford WMC)
Oct Poems & drama in All Saints' church
1998 Dick Whittington
Apr Murdered to Death (author: Peter Gordon)
May Entertainment for French Twinning 10th anniversary
Jul Old Time Music Medley (+ at Lindford WMC) - included boys' striptease!
Sep Flora's Heatherley - report and photosDVD [touring]
Silent Auction (with Headley Society & Arford WI)
1999 Sleeping Beauty (+ at Lindford WMC)
Apr Plaza Suite
May Entertainment in Corné, with Headley Twinning Association – DVD
Jun Part of 'Riot' at Selborne for BBC TV
Jul Salute the Century
Aug Readings at 'Rural Writers Remembered', Rural Life Museum, Tilford
Oct The Boyfriend
2000 Aladdin
Apr Victoria Station/Twelve Minute Night/Clara's on the Curtains (1-acts) – programme
Jun Headley Millennium PageantphotosDVD
Jul "Summer Time" - a musical entertainment for a summer's evening
Sep The Broomsquire [touring]
2001 Ali Babacast & photos
Apr Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Murder Mystery – review
Jul Old Time Music Hall
Sep The Broomsquire [touring]
2002 Cinderellareviewcast & photos
Apr The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – castphotos
Jul Celebration of the 50s – programme
Oct Riot! (previously This Bloody Crew) – castphotos [touring]
2003 Robin Hoodcast & photos
Mar Not Fit to Live in England (1-act in Haslemere Festival)
Apr/May Bugsy Malone – cast & photosreview
Jul Magnificent Music Hall – programmereview
Oct Murder à la Carte (Murder Mystery Evening)
2004 Red Riding Hoodcast & photosreview
Mar One Act Plays: Percival the Performing Pig (J); Ghost Writer (Y); Pastiche (Senior) – programmereview the latter two plays performed also at the Haslemere Festival
Jul Magnificent Music Hall – cast & photos
Oct Secondary Cause of Death (author: Peter Gordon) – cast & photos (matinee cancelled when only 2 people turned up!)
2005 Snow Whitecast & photosDVD
Apr Jobsworth – three episodes from a series of radio scripts (at short notice)cast & photos
Jul Around the World in 80 Days (author: Stan Sharp) – cast & photosDVD (postponed from April)
Oct Songs from the Shows – cast & photosDVD
2006 Puss in Bootscast & photosDVD
Apr Job Done (Murder Mystery Evening) – cast & photos
May Flora's Heatherleycast & photos DVD [touring]
Jul Jobsworth – three more episodes from the series of radio scripts – cast & photosDVD
Sep Mummers Play, on the village green as part of the Michaelmas Fete (used old script from Headley archives) – photos
Sep Pirates of Penzance – cast & photosDVD (same time as the Michaelmas Fete)
2007 Jack & the Beanstalkcast & photosDVD
Apr Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Macbethcast & photosDVD
Jul Flora's Peverelcast & photos DVD [touring]
Aug Headley 55 – open day in the Village Hall to celebrate HTC's 55th year
Sep Treasure hunt in Chichester
Oct Authentic 1899 Music Hall – DVDphotos
2008 Sleeping Beautycast & photosDVD
Apr The Railway Children – photos
Apr Bard's Night – photo
Jul Casino 007 – photos
Jul Dramatic Walk round Waggoners Wells (for the NT) – photos
  'Third Week in August' - never went to production due to casting issues
2009 Dick Whittingtoncast & photos
Apr It's Murder!murder mystery evenings – cast & photos
Jun Candleford – cast & photos [touring]
Jul Headley Hayloft – photos
Oct 'Allo 'Allo – castphotos
2010 Robinson Crusoe – castphotos
Feb The Raven – some HTC members helped as extras in a film shoot in Midhurst – photos & report
Apr Bard's Night – photos
May Dick Barton, special agent – photos
Jun Treasure Hunt – photos
Jul 'War to War' music hall – photos
Aug Dramatic Walk on Hindhead Common (for the NT) – photos
Sep Local Vengeancemurder mystery at the Holly Bush
Oct Are You Being Served? – photos
2011 Cinderella – castphotos
Apr MacHamletcastphotos
Jul Quiz and Games Evening
Oct Fawlty Towers ('The Hotel Inspectors' & 'Basil the Rat') – photos & report
2012 Nutcrackercastphotos
Apr Canterbury Tales – photos
Jul "Everyone's Gone to the Moon" - a celebration of the 1960s – photos
Oct Calendar Girls – castphotosthe calendar!
Nov Flint Street Nativity – castphotos
2013 Aladdincastphotos
Apr Bard Again!castphotos
May Dramatic Walk on Hindhead Common (for the NT) – photos
May Dramatic Walk at Waggoners Wells (for the NT) – photos
Jun The Broomsquirecastphotos [touring]
Jul Summer Ball – photos
Sep Dramatic Walk on Hindhead Common (for the NT)
Oct Fawlty Towers ('The Germans' & 'Communication Problems') – photos & report
2014 The Swan Queen & the 3 Dwarves – castphotos
Feb Green Room evening #1 – photos
Mar GR8 Xpectations ;) – photos
Apr Blackadder II – photos
Jul Reflections (on WW1) – photosprogramme
Sep Green Room evening #2
Oct Darling Buds of May – photosprogramme
Dec Christmas Concert – photos & programme
2015 Ali Babacastphotos
Feb Quiz evening
Mar Green Room evening #3 – photos – DVD available
Apr MacHamlet Goes West!cast
Jul Walk from Fox & Pelican to BBQ at Chestnut End
Jul Those Radio & TV Timesphotos
Oct Noises Off – photos
Oct Green Room evening #4
Dec Entertained The Headley Society at their Yuletide feast (incl. Mummers Play)
Dec Christmas Concert – photos & programme
2016 Robin Hoodcastphotos
Feb Green Room evening #5
Apr Bard's Night – photos
May Junior short performance based on 'Sleeping Cutey' (at AGM)
May Murder à la Carte, performed at Blackmoor Golf Club
July Lark Rise – castphotos [touring]
Oct The Vicar of Dibley ('Engagement' & 'Spring') – photos
Nov Treasure Hunt
Dec Christmas Concert – photos & programme
2017 Bah Humbug!castphotos
Feb Green Room evening #6 – photos
Apr Now We Are 65 – photos
June Off the Wall (Juniors & Youth) – photos
July Riot! (previously This Bloody Crew) – castphotos [touring]
Sep Dramatic Walk on Hindhead Common (for Haslemere Walking Weekend) – photos
Oct Hi-De-Hi – castphotos
Dec Christmas Concert – photos & programme
2018 Humpty Dumptycastphotos
Feb Green Room evening #7 – postponed due to snow
Apr Wyrd Sisters – castphotos
Apr Green Room evening #7 – photos
Jul Over the Top (WW1) – photosprogramme
Sep Fawlty Towers ('A Touch of Class' & 'Waldorf Salad') poster – cancelled due to John Cleese revoking all his licences
Oct Jobsworth – three episodes from the series of radio scripts (at short notice)cast & photos
Oct Board Games Evening (for Hall funds) – poster
Dec Christmas Concert – programme
2019 Toad of Toad Hall – castphotos
Mar Green Room evening #8 – photosprogramme
Apr Bard's Night – photosprogramme
May Shed-clearing Day – photos
June Aladdin (Juniors & Youth) – castphotos
July 'Allo 'Allo supper evening – castphotos
Aug Dramatic Walk at Waggoners Wells (for the NT) – photos
Sep Shed-clearing Day – photos
Sep Dramatic Walk on Hindhead Common (for Haslemere Walking Weekend) – photos
Oct "Around the World in 20 Songs" – photos
Dec Christmas Concert – programme
Dec Seasonal Quiz on a Sunday afternoonposter – cancelled due to lack of sales
2020 Snow White – photoscastprogramme
Feb Green Room evening #9 – photosprogramme
Mar Cleared and reorganised under the stage (8 March)
Apr 'The Wedding Reception' (a murder mystery)poster – postponed due to coronavirus

Past experiences. . .

You may order DVDs of most of the Headley Theatre Club shows since Jan 2005 and a few other older ones where indicated
— for more information, contact Janet or link to HTC e-mail.

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