Sleeping Beauty cover

The script Tchaikovsky might have set to music, if only he'd known!

13th—21st January 2012 at Headley Village Hall

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Cast List . . .

Clara, a young girl Anastazja Kendal
Frederick, her younger brother Adam Ferguson
Hans, their father John McGregor
Lisa, their mother Jean Teuten
Uncle Drosselmeyer Rod Sharp
Kurt, his assistant Martin Wellen
Weil, his other assistant Peter Glinn
Twit, a magical owl Mark Spiller
Prince Nikki, The Nutcracker Terrie Howey
Gnawman, the Mouse King Luke Oates
Twitchnose, a Mouselier Natasha Hibberd
Whiskers, a second Mouselier Katherine Wellen
Pip, a third Mouselier Zya White
Squeak, a fourth Mouselier Abbi Brittain
Sugar Plum Fairy Karina Farnlucher
Rock, Sergeant at the Fortress of Sweets David Burnham
Fudge, Corporal at the Fortress of Sweets Mel White
Private Snickers Thomas Hiller
Private Fruit Gum Hugo Millard
Private Toffee Zak White
Private Mint Tommy Sharkey
Madria, a wicked enchantress Tina Wareham
Guests/Fairies Wendy Downs, Maggie Farnlucher, Julie Findley, Kay McGregor, Penny McKay, Mavis Standing, Jean Teuten, Jill Turner, Dil Williamson-Smith
Guests/Soldiers Pru Harrold, John McGregor, Nick Webb, Ollie West
Dancers:— Arabian Dance: Abigail Brittain & Victoria Kendal
Chinese Dance: Wendy Downs & Jill Turner
Spanish Dance: John & Kay McGregor with Julie Findley & Jean Teuten
Junior chorus:— Mice: Emily Brittain, Tiana Howard
Tree Elves/Children: Holly Chappell, Charlotte Sharkey, Vikki Sharkey
Fairies: Annaliese Farnlucher, Bethany Ferguson, Victoria Kendal, Charlotte Moore

Production Team

Author/Director — Jo Smith

Musical Director — Jo Levy, Instrumentalists Martin Levy (guitar), Jo Smith (electric bass), Connor Burt (percussion)

Junior Rehearsals— Dil Williamson-Smith and helpers

Choreography/Costumes— Dil Williamson-Smith

Stage Manager— Paul Heath

Stage Crew— Paul Wareham, Tony Wareham

Lighting/Sound— Neil Hardinge

Props/Publicity— Janet Hardinge

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue - Before the Party
Scene 1 - In the Stahlbaum's house, Christmas Eve
Scene 2a - Behind the skirting board
Scene 2b - Clara & Frederick's bedroom
Scene 3 - The Battle of the Bedroom
Scene 4a - Drosselmeyer's den
Scene 4b - Behind the skirting board
Scene 5 - At the Fortress of Sweets

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

Scene 1 - At the Fortress of Sweets
Scene 2a - The Mice advance
Scene 2b - The Sugar Plum plan
Scene 3 - In the enchanted forest
Scene 4a - Drosselmeyer's den
Scene 4b - Clara & Frederick's bedroom
Scene 5 - In the Stahlbaum's house, Christmas morning

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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