Red Riding Hood cover

Little Red RidingHood
There can be a fete worse than death ... ask the Wolf!

16th—24th January 2004 at Headley Village Hall

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Cast List . . .

Larry Adams, village tradesman Peter Glinn
Fanny Adams, his wife Mavis Standing
Rosie Adams (Red Riding Hood), their daughter Justine Carter
Phyllis ffanshaw (Grandma), Fanny's mother Paul Kosinski
Edwina Noodle, widow of this parish Laurie Lewis
Ted Noodle, Edwina's son Mel Tregay
Alice Austin, Estate worker Rachel Whittaker
Bess Bentley, Estate worker Georgia Keen
Kate Carpenter, Estate worker Carly Barbey
Doris Draper, Estate worker Bethany Arnott
Lord Bertie, Lord of the Manor of Woodleigh John McGregor
Lady Penelope, wife of Lord Bertie Kay McGregor
Inspector Spectre, Inspector of the local constables Adam Coyte
Sergeant Argent, Sergeant constable Daniel Radford
PC Dingle, Police constable Lee Carter
Bill Tidy, woodsman and tinker Rod Sharp
Maggie Tidy, his wife Wendy Downs
Gwynedd, An Elven queen Siân Lewis
Morag, A second Elven queen Mo Cooke
Siobhan, A third Elven queen Heidi Farnlucher
The Wolf Jamie Stickler
Puss in Boots (a cameo appearance) Dil Williamson/Helen Keech

Woodleigh Estate workers – senior chorus: Lydia Barnett, Suzie Davies, Matthew Dennard, Hollie Dorans, Karina Farnlucher, Maggie Farnlucher, Sammy Gedsyk, Amy Holloway, Ashleigh Keech, Helen Keech, Rebecca Male, Laurence Taylor, Michelle Thorne, Daisy Whillians

Woodland Elves – junior chorus: Alex Budd, Natalie Coward, Rhea Davies, Rosie Diamond, Emily Downs, Isabelle Glinn, Emily Hague, Gemma Kingshott, Christopher Potts, Faye Powell, Matthew Powell, Emily Wang, Lydia Wang, Catherine Wellen, Sarah Wellen, Annie Whillians

Author/Directors — Jo Smith & Dil Williamson

Musical Director — Adrian Webb

Junior Rehearsals— Laurie Lewis & Alison Keech

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue - Lady Penelope welcomes you (Front of Tabs)
Scene 1 - May Day morning in the village (Full Set)
Scene 2a - In the dell of the Elven Queens (Half Set)
Scene 2b - A path through the forest (Front of Tabs)
Scene 3 - Somewhere deep in the forest (Full Set)
Scene 4a - Back in the Village (Half Set)
Scene 4b - In the forest again (Front of Tabs)
Scene 5 - Inside Grandma's house (Full Set)

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

The Interlogue - Lord Bertie sums up the situation (Front of Tabs)
Scene 1 - Back in the village (Full Set)
Scene 2a - A track in the forest (Front of Tabs)
Scene 2b - Back in the dell of the Elven Queens (Half Set)
Scene 3 - At the Wolf's Lair (Full Set)
Scene 4 - Declaring the Fete Open (Front of Tabs)
Scene 5 - At the Village Fete (Full Set)

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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