Sleeping Beauty cover

Sleeping Beauty
The show with an interval of a hundred years!

11th—19th January 2008 at Headley Village Hall

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Cast List . . .

Lilac, a Good Fairy Dil Williamson-Smith
Belladonna, a Bad Fairy Wendy Downs
King Harold of Ambrosia David Burnham
Queen Matilda, his wife Teresa Marsh
Princess Rose, their daughter Ruth Beesley
Marigold, her friend in the Palace Justine Carter
Nurse Constance, nurse to the princess John McGregor
Benjamin, chancellor to King Harold Pru Harrold
Gerald, herald to King Harold Christopher Potts
Prince Rufus of Faraway Mel White
Sir Rowan, the prince's squire Vicky Chappell

Palace Courtiers/Villagers: Lisa Beasley, Emma Bentley, Jenna Cross, Emily Downs, Karina Farnlucher, Maggie Farnlucher, Isabelle Glinn, Alice Hiller, Kay McGregor, Mavis Standing, Tina Wareham, Sarah Wellen, Rachel Whittaker

Belladonna's Henchmen: Sarah Cain, Lee Carter, Dan Radford

Faries and Elves – junior chorus: Adam Clark, Alex Clark, Thomas Hiller, Abigail Peters, Rebecca Potts, Katherine Wellen, Zak White, Zya White

Production Team

Author/Director — Jo Smith

Musical Director — Jo Levy, Instrumentalists Martin Levy (guitar), Luke Brown (percussion)

Junior Rehearsals— Sarah Cain, Jenna Cross

Choreography— Teresa Marsh, Dil Williamson

Costumes— Dil Williamson

Stage Manager— Paul Heath

Stage Crew— David Green, Peter Kosinski, Paul Wareham, Nick Webb & others

Lighting/Sound— Simon Coyte, Paul Kosinski, Martin Wellen

Set Construction— Paul Heath & club members

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue On the road to Ambrosia
1 Ambrosia, in the Palace stateroom
2a With the Fairies
2b Somewhere in the Palace
3 In the Palace stateroom
4a On the road to Ambrosia
4b Somewhere else in the Palace
5 Belladonna's secret room in the Palace

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

The Interlogue Approaching Ambrosia
1 Ambrosia, outside the Palace
2a Fairy Lilac's advice
2b The Battle of the Brambles
3 Belladonna's secret room in the Palace
4 Somewhere yet else in the Palace + Community Song
5 In the Palace stateroom

The play runs for approximately 2 hours including the interval

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