Sleeping Beauty  script details

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
the mirror's off the wall in more ways than one!

14th—22nd January 2005 at Headley Village Hall

Photos of the show

Cast List . . .

The King of Paramedichia John McGregor
The Queen of Paramedichia, his second wife Dil Williamson
Snow White, her step-daughter Carly Barbey
Machiavelli, the court Magician Nick Webb
Leonardo, the court Physician Peter Glinn
Minestrone, the court Cook Laurie Lewis
Festa, the Queen's maid Penny McKay
Lisa, Snow White's maid Ashleigh Keech
Subito, the Queen's personal trainer Paul Kosinski
Fidelio, Prince of Phoojiagfa Chloe Shrubb
Dave, a bossy tiny miner Sam Hampson
Dee, a tidy tiny miner Ruth Beasley
Dozy, a sleepy tiny miner Bethany Arnott
Beaky, a nosey tiny miner Isabelle Glinn
Mick, a very tiny miner Helen Keech
Titch, a rather larger miner Daisy Whillians
James, a more refined miner Matthew Powell
Maxwell, a Mirror with attitude Jamie Stickler
Maxwell's Supporters Lee Carter, Daniel Radford

Courtiers – senior chorus: Alex Budd, Justine Carter, Vicky Chappell, Emily Downs, Wendy Downs, Karina Farnlucher, Maggie Farnlucher, Amy Holloway, Georgia Keen, David Lewis, Siān Lewis, Rebecca Male, Lesley Mather, Kay McGregor, Christopher Potts, Mel Tregay, Sarah Wellen

Woodland Animals – junior chorus: Natalie Coward, Alice Hiller, Thomas Hiller, Nicky Houghton, Gemma Kingshott, Rebecca Potts, Faye Powell, Katy Taylor, Lydia Wang, Katherine Wellen, Annie Whillians

Director — Pru Harrold

Musical Director — Jo Levy

Junior Rehearsals— Laurie Lewis & Alison Keech

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue - The Mac and Leo Show
Scene 1 - In the Palace of Paramedichia
Scene 2a - The Queen's boudoir
Scene 2b - Snow White's room
Scene 3 - In the Forest
Scene 4a - The King's chamber
Scene 4b - The Queen's boudoir again
Scene 5 - In the Dwarfs' cottage

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

The Interlogue - The Queen on her way to the forest
Scene 1 - In the Dwarfs' cottage
Scene 2a - Back in the Palace
Scene 2b - A track through the Forest
Scene 3 - In the Palace
Scene 4 - The Leo and Mac Show
Scene 5 - The Marriage procession

The play runs for approximately 2½ hours including the interval

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