Enclosure Award Map, Headley 1855 (excluded Broxhead Manor)

Click on rectangle to view enlarged section – Note: West is at the TOP of this map.

We believe this is the 'Map B' mentioned in the Enclosure Award of 1859 – Plot numbers are those first used in the Tithe Allotment of 1846

  1a - Hollywater 2a - Deadwater/Lindford 3a - Broxhead 4a - Compass    
  1b - Standford 2b - Headley Mill 3b - Lindford/Linstead 4b - Boundary with Dockenfield/Kingsley    
  5a -Tulls Lane 6a - Headley/Arford 7a - Curtis Farm/Headley Wood/Bayfields 8a - Picketts Hill/Mellow Farm 9a - Dockenfield  
  5b - Boundary with Bramshott 6b - Fullers Vale/Beech Hill/Bowcot Hill 7b - Hearn/Spats Lane 8b - Mellow Farm/Wishanger 9b - River boundary with Dockenfield    
  aa - Ludshott Common ba - Headley Down/Grayshott straight/Ludshott Common ca - Churt Road da - Wishanger Common/Bacon Lane ea - Frensham Pond Hotel  
  ab - Grayshott Hall/Ludshott Common bb - Grayshott Hall/Hammer Lane/Whitmore vale cb - Barford db - Simmonstone eb - Frensham Great Pond  
  fa - Waggoners Wells/Stoney Bottom ga - Whitmore Vale ha - Boundary with Surrey      
  fb - Grayshott gb - Boundary with Surrey/Scale hb -  Boundary with Surrey/Scale