Measure for Measure

For those of us just turning grey,
It sometimes seems a little hard
To see things go the 'metric' way,
Inch by inch in our back yard.

With Fahrenheit we basked at eighty,
Now it's thirty in the shade;
Seems to me you’re always freezing
When you count in centigrade!

Old pence, shillings, weighty pieces
With us since Victorian times,
Disappeared, and in their places
Came the tiny 5p dimes.

Ten stone twelve was not so daunting,
Now I'm sixty nine kg —
Doesn't matter, I'm no fatter,
But it's bad psychology.

Think about God's little hectare,
As we contemplate our lot;
Has our maker lost his acre?
Goodness gracious, surely not!

But the pub remains resistant,
Still pulls pints to quench our thirst;
Scholars of the rough right wrist can't
Contemplate a change that's worse.

By Canute! Imperial days
Now wither, fade and die;
Foreign ministerial ways
Invade our history.

For those of us just turning grey,
What can we do to force a smile?
Stand firmly in progression's way?
Better be a Europhile!

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