Take your floppy out of me before you warm start,
Make sure your RAM is checked for all corruption,
Activate your dongle to ensure that we're secure,
We mustn't risk another interruption,
Execute your program to manipulate my cells,
And open up your spread sheet in my core,
Then tap your input in, and let the run begin,
And only stop me when you've got no more.

Resulting from this action, multiplication and subtraction
Then division in the cells will soon appear,
And in a little while you'll create an output file,
The results of your endeavours are beginning to come clear,
You can check it as it grows, but as everybody knows
Now, What You Get's Not Always What You See
When the output comes out so ...
you'll want to have another go
And run another set of data through me.

With apologies to computer users everywhere . . .

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