The pantomime with the flying palace

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I hope you'll enjoy performing this Pantomime. Written in a traditional style, but at the same time refreshingly different, it treats your cast to some well made characters and dialogue, and conspires to involve your audience to the maximum.

As well as the named principals, there is plenty of scope for including an undefined number of senior and junior chorus members in the show.

Principals: Male 4, Female 5, Indeterminate 6

© John Owen Smith 2012

Cast List . . .

Widow Twankey owner of a Pekinese laundrette
Aladdin her elder son (principal boy)
Wishee Washee her younger son
The Emperor of China
The Empress of China
Princess Jasmine their daughter (principal girl)
Su-Shi Jasmine's handmaiden and confidante
The Vizir the Emperor's advisor
Norman the Vizir's spotty son
The Executioner wants to get ahead
Ying a member of the Emperor's guard (comedy duo)
Tong another member of the Emperor's guard (comedy duo)
Abanazar a man with megalomaniacal tendencies
Genie of the Lamp
Slave of the Ring
Chorus of Townspeople, Laundry workers, Courtiers, etc
Juniors, to taste

List of Scenes . . .

Act I

The Prologue - Abanazar and the Slave of the Ring (Front of Tabs)
Scene 1 - A Street in Peking (Full Set)
Scene 2 - Down an Alley (Front of Tabs)
Scene 3 - In Widow Twankey's Laundrette (Full Set)
Scene 4 - A room in the Emperor's palace (Half Set)
Scene 5 - Outside the Cave (Front of Tabs)
Scene 6 - Inside the Cave (Full Set)
Scene 7 - On the road with Ying and Tong (Front of Tabs)
Scene 8 - In Widow Twankey's Laundrette again (Full Set)

**** INTERVAL ****

Act II

The Interlogue - Abanazar tries to explain to plot so far (Front of Tabs)
Scene 1 - Inside Aladdin's new palace (Full Set)
Scene 2 - Outside Aladdin's new palace (Front of Tabs)
Scene 3 - In the Dungeon (Half Set)
Scene 4 - Aladdin's Palace in Abanazar's land (Full Set)
Scene 5 - Community song (Front of Tabs)
Scene 6 - Aladdin's Palace returns (Full Set)

Extract from Act I Scene 3

(Abanazar enters through the shop door)
Abanazar You called?
Widow Ah, there you are Uncle. We were just talking about your well-known generosity and kindness to all - weren't we?
Chorus 1 Were we? I don't think so. We'll see you about this later Widow Twankey.
Chorus 2 When your wash-tub bubble has burst.
Chorus 3 And your spreadsheets have slumped.
Chorus 4 Then you'll want us back again.
(The chorus exit, still grumbling)
Abanazar Some industrial relations problems?
Widow They're no more relations than you are.
Abanazar Pardon?
Widow I said: They're all my relations, like you are.
Abanazar Indeed - keep it in the family, that's what I say.
Widow Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for Aladdin to turn up.
Abanazar He is not far behind me - I saw him dallying in the plaza as I came in.
Widow Dilly-dally should have been his middle name.
(Aladdin enters through the shop door)
     Ah, there you are at last. What kept you? I want you to meet your Uncle Abanazar.
Aladdin Uncle. Ah yes, you gave me a ring earlier.
Abanazar But now we meet in person. So much better.
Widow Well, I'll leave you two to get acquainted and go and sort out my staff. (She exits following the Chorus)
Abanazar Your mother has told you about our cave?
Aladdin Our cave, yes.
Abanazar And the treasure it holds?
Aladdin Oh, yes.
Abanazar And the fact that we go halves on what's inside?
Aladdin If we get inside. I'm told that's where I come in.
Abanazar Very good - very witty - yes. That's where you come in - or rather, that's where you go in.
Aladdin Entrancing.
Abanazar What?
Aladdin Enthralling. I've never been caving before.
Abanazar And you may never do so again!
Aladdin (Warily) What makes you say that?
Abanazar Oh - just that it's - a rare event in most people's lives.
Aladdin So is finding a hoard of treasure.
Abanazar Yes indeed.
Aladdin Especially one that actually belongs to you.
Abanazar Certainly.
Aladdin I mean us.
Abanazar Fifty-fifty. You will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.
Aladdin That's just as well, because at the moment my dreams are wilder than you think.
Abanazar Wilder than I think? I doubt it.
Aladdin Try this then. Princess Jasmine and I are in love.
Abanazar Correct. That is even wilder than I think.
Aladdin And the treasure would go a long way towards convincing the Emperor I'm a suitable match for her.
Abanazar Aladdin - you have no idea of the value of this treasure. You would be the wealthiest man in China, except for me of course - you would be wealthier even that the Emperor himself.
Aladdin Than the Emperor?
Abanazar And all his Court. Now listen - no more delay. Come to me at the mouth of the cave at sunrise tomorrow.
Aladdin I've no idea where it is yet.
Abanazar Nor has anyone else, other than myself. That's the way I like it. You have the ring?
Aladdin It's safe in my pocket.
Abanazar Good. The ring will guide you.
Aladdin Guide me? How?
Abanazar You will see. Have faith in the ring.
Song – Abanazar and Aladdin
Abanazar Now I must go to prepare for your descent. Until tomorrow.

Producer's Notes

This pantomime uses four different full set scenes, separated by front of curtain scenes to allow for backstage activity. Directions given are those used in the original production, but use your imagination according to the facilities available to you.

A list of songs used in the original production is included for your guidance. Feel free to adapt or adopt your own as required.

The concept of the Community Song is where the audience is invited to come up on the stage to help out, and some sort of raucous competition ensues between those brave enough to come up and those left sitting in the auditorium. ("Invited" is perhaps a little inaccurate on occasions, when members of the cast go down in search of friends and other victims!). The positioning of this event just before the final scene also gives people not involved plenty of time to change into their finery for the Walkdown.

So good luck with your show. Put in local variations as you wish, and if you think you can improve on the verse then do that too! Have fun - otherwise, why do it?

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