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I should like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my range of books. I have been publishing since 1993, concentrating on topics which have not only a local interest, but also a national and international dimension to them

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One Monday in November is about the so-called Swing Riots of 1830 - the last agricultural uprising in England. It gives the political and social background to the riots which swept across southern England and, as an example, details the particular manner in which it affected Selborne and Headley-unique in that, there and only there in the entire country, the workhouses were attacked. It also lists the men transported to Australia as a result of the troubles. ISBN: 1-873855-33-8 - £7.95
It is cited as a reference by the Southern Examining Group, and used as a text by a number of schools.
RIOT! or This Bloody Crew, a playscript version suitable for the stage, is available. ISBN: 1-873855-01-X - £4.95

All Tanked Up documents the contribution made by the Canadian armed forces during the Second World War, particularly their tank regiments. This is related by interviews with villagers and Canadian veterans made in 1994, and takes as a detailed example the effect on the community of Headley, Hampshire. Details of tanks used, the organisational structure of the armoured regiments, and the Canadian Order of Battle in 1945 are included. ISBN: 1-873855-00-1 - £5.95

A Balance of Trust gives a brief history of the West Weald area around Hindhead and Haslemere just before and after the National Trust was founded by Haslemere resident Sir Robert Hunter in 1895. Published to celebrate the centenary of the Trust, it covers the period between two significant events which were to change the environment of this and other localities for ever: the arrival of the railway at Haslemere in 1859, and the first car in Hindhead in 1902-the latter owned by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Contains many period illustrations from the archives of Haslemere Museum. ISBN: 1-873855-12-5 - £8.95

The Sir Robert Hunter Trail - Hindhead Common [Now out of print] is a guide booklet to a trail over Hindhead Common in which walkers are introduced to the area and to some of the colourful characters who formed part of its chequered history. ISBN: 1-873855-13-3 - £2.95 In the past, the National Trust have organised a dramatised version of this walk using local actors to give life to the text.

Some Ancient Churches in North East Hampshire is an illustrated collection of notes on twelve fascinating churches in the north east corner of Hampshire, with exterior and interior views of each church. Villages include Bentley ("The Village" of the TV & Radio series), Selborne of Gilbert White fame, East Worldham with the body of Chaucer's wife, Binsted where Montgomery of Alamein lies, and Bramshott, the final resting place for so many Canadian servicemen of the First World War. ISBN: 1-873855-11-7 - £3.95

On the Trail of Flora Thompson is an investigation into the life of the author of Lark Rise to Candleford after she left 'Candleford Green' and before she became famous in later life. During this period, she was assistant postmistress at Grayshott, where she served both George Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and postmaster's wife at Liphook, where she 'won the fight to write' as a contemporary put it. ISBN: 1-873855-24-9 - £7.95

Anthology of the Phoenix Poets Commemorative Edition 1972-94 contains within it one hundred and twenty three poems from sixty two contributors. The Phoenix Poets is part of the London Writer Circle, the longest established such circle in the country. Past and present members, including many established names, are included in this book, to give a work of talent and variety rarely to be found together in one publication. ISBN: 1-873855-10-9 - £6.95

Chang and the Birds of Old China, by Arda Lacey and Iris Spanswick – illustrated by Jim Warman. Illustrated poetry and prose for children. ISBN: 1-873855-32-X - £4.95

Solace, a novel by Anandi Saraph, offers readers a taste of the world into which Jesus was born. An oppressed people struggle to uphold the ancient customs, pray and sacrifice at Herod's magnificent Temple, plot against the Romans and face cruel retribution. At Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea, the mysterious Essene sect practice their own form of worship, living the disciplined monastic life described in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and going through the land to heal the sick. It is the world of a humble stable, and the rise of the Star of Forgiveness. ISBN: 1-873855-26-5 - £7.95

Me Too Baba, an account by Anandi Saraph of her life in an Indian ashram, offers a small glimpse of the author's relationship with the mystery which is a Guru a teacher who has the ability to take a seeker from the darkness (Gu) to the light (Ru) - No ISBN - £3.85

Jessica's People, a semi-fictional social record by Jessie Woodger (ne McMahon) which speaks of the quieter times in which her family still farmed 45 acres in Ulster after four generations on the land – and of the irreversible changes brought upon them by separation during two world wars. ISBN: 1-873855-25-7 - £6.95

Till All the Seas Run Dry, a sequel by Susan Webb to 'The Secret Garden'. For those grown-ups, young and old, who have read and enjoyed the original classic, here is a sequel in which Mary, Colin and Dickon meet again at Misselthwaite. Will their childhood friendship survive in maturity, despite the trials and difficulties they face, or will each find their own separate path? A story that will warm the heart and stir the memory. ISBN: 1-873855-28-1 - £7.95

Echoes of a Trumpet by Jean Newland. After the labourers' riots of 1830, the village of Selborne was in turmoil. Whole families were left without breadwinners when husbands and sons were transported to the other side of the world for their part in the uprising. But John Newland – the legendary ring-leader and 'Trumpeter' – was released after only six months custody in Winchester gaol. In this book his great-great-granddaughter serves us fact laced with supposition, to bring us a story of two young people caught up in the bitterness of a conflict which had happened before they were even born. Only the strength of their love for each other can overcome such a legacy – the strained echoes of a trumpet, still stirring discontent after all those years. ISBN: 1-873855-30-3 - £7.95

Heatherley, the lost sequel to 'Lark Rise to Candleford' by Flora Thompson. When the young Flora Thompson took up her duties at Grayshott post-office in 1898, she found to her amazement that her customers included Arthur Conan Doyle and George Bernard Shaw. The neighbouring settlement of Hindhead had attracted many eminent Victorians to take up residence, and the telegraph machine at Grayshott which Flora was employed to operate was their prime means of communication to the outside world. In Heatherley, she tells us that as a result of meeting these famous authors she 'destroyed her own scraps of writing, saying to herself as they smouldered to tinder that that was the end of a foolish idea.' Fortunately it did not stop her altogether, and from the perspective of some forty-five years after the events described, Flora Thompson remembers with her usual clarity back to a time when bicycles and Kodak cameras were just becoming popular, and she herself was guilty of crossing the strict conventions of propriety at the end of the nineteenth century. Out of print since 1992 – for those who have been enchanted by her earlier work, the continuing story as 'Laura goes farther' will be compulsive reading. ISBN: 1-873855-29-X - £7.95

Headley's Past in Pictures. The introduction of the camera, and particularly the popularity of postcards in the days before the telephone, offers us a glimpse of Headley parish as it was in the first half of the 20th century. In this book you are taken on a tour of the parish by means of three journeys: the first around the centre of Headley and Arford, the second to Headley Down and beyond, and the third along the River Wey and its tributaries. In doing so, we pass occasionally outside today's civil parish boundaries – but that too is all part of the history of Headley. ISBN: 1-873855-27-3 - £7.95

A Parcel of Gold for Edith. "Hidden in a tin that had once held Andies Candies, I found seven faded letters which revealed the life story of a remarkable woman, my great-great aunt." Joyce Stevens tells us the result of her 30-year search into the identity of one of Australia's Pioneer Women, who had written home to England over the period 1853-1875. Illustrated with photographs of the period. ISBN: 1-873855-36-2 - £4.95

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