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17th April 2017

On Tuesday I had a visit from Randy Brown of Detroit, over here on a whisrle-stop tour of British pop group sites. Here he saw the outside of Headley Grange, and of Benifold. The weather was kind to us, and we shared a couple of drinks in the Holly Bush garden.

On Sunday (Easter) Dil, Deb and I walked across Ludshott Common to Applegarth (45 minutes) for lunch, and back again. A pleasant stroll.

Today (Easter Monday) during the afternoon we had the first Dress Rehearsal of "Now We Are 65" – it didn't go too badly, and we're looking forward to douing the show this weekend coming.

10th April 2017

Another sunny weekend, and the first BBQ of the season! at the Whites'

On Thursday I went to give an afternoon talk to a WI in the New Forest, and turning off the main A31 encountered a flock of sheep unattended in the middle of the road, then a couple of ponies, followed by some donkeys before I finally and safely reached Bramshaw village hall. Very bucolic.

The next evening we went to hear Nigel fronting a band (May Contain Nuts) at Fernhurst – a contrast to the sheep, etc, far too loud!

3rd April 2017

Went to the Hampshire Record Office on Saturday for a forum on Archives – well organised and well attended, though the venue there (in their cinema) is a bit cramped for such a gathering. I've offered to speak next time.

Lovely sunny weather on Sunday for the monthly walk. Let's hope it's the sign of things to come!

27th March 2017

We went to see the stage version of "An American in Paris" over the weekend. Fast and furious, but what interested me most was the way they changed the scenery by moving flats and other items around on casters. Ideas we can perhaps use on our rather smaller stage in the village!

20th March 2017

We went to a French conversation session at a local pub this evening. It was free (apart from the drinks!) and while Dil sat it out, Jo got involved in conversations with people who had homes in France and learned about problems with termites and hornets in the Dordogne. The sessions are every fortnight – let's see if we're drawn back.

14th March 2017

Sent a new book to be printed. Characters of Headley's Past has been 17 years in the making, but finally done!

7th March 2017

We went to stay in Steyning for the weekend, and visited Brighton by bus. A bit wet & windy, but we had a relaxing time.

'Saxon Cottage' where we stayed:
a cozy little NT (nest for two) property.

The bus from Steyning to Brighton:
we rode up front on the top deck.

The new i360 experience
(we didn't)

The pier & pebble beach:
not the best day to show it!

20th February 2017

Over to Suffolk for sister Di's 70th this weekend. While we were there we visited Sutton Hoo, first time for many a year – now owned by the NT with an interesting interpretation display.
Home to find diswasher not working, and boiler not working! Luckily the weather is mild – a new dishwasher is arriving on Thursday, and a man is coming to see about the boiler on Friday. [Finally fixed on 2nd March!]

13th February 2017

Over £200 work done on my teeth last week (ouch!) and more to come tomorrow. Let's hope that's the end of it.

6th February 2017

A relatively quiet week. We're working on the programme for Headley Theatre Club's 65 year (sapphire) anniversary celebrations in April. The show has a working title “Now We Are 65”.

30th January 2017

Dil and I were once again persuaded to preside over Headley Twinning Association's Burns Night. Once again I wore the kilt (clan Amazon!) and this time we did snap a picture of me, looking rather severe, at home before we left for the village hall. [It also shows Dil's new lounge curtains in the background!]

The next day (yesterday) we went up to Ronnie Scott's Club in London to hear Simon Callow declaiming Shakespeare to the jazz backing of Jacquie Dankworth's ensemble. Well worth the trip, even on a wet day. She sings just like her mum Cleo Laine – possibly better.

PS. Must clean the camera lens!!

23rd January 2017

Three more good performances of Bah Humbug! over this weekend – see here for full set of pictures. The audience particularly liked our use of an 'angelic quartet' to move the story along – they also liked the fact that the show was shorter than normal! From start to end it was less than 2 hours. A lesson to be learned perhaps.

16th January 2017

Crossed fingers worked, and we put on three good performances of Bah Humbug! over the weekend. The photo on the right shows me in the band along with Jo 'Fingers' Levy on piano and Nick Webb on guitar. I also acted as prompt, but none was needed.
Well done to everyone.

9th January 2017

Rehearsals for Bah Humbug! are proceeding, but various of the cast keep disappearing due to some short-term bug going round. Yesterday we had a dress rehearsal which went well, with only a few absentees. Fingers crossed for the coming weekend!

Today the new Rangemaster oven was delivered to the Village Hall – very smart, and installed with no problems despite fears from the committee that the contractors might not be able to get the old one out. Now we await refurbishment of the rest of the kitchen, due to start at the end of the month.

2nd January 2017

Phew! We survived 2016 when so many others didn't.

Continued …

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