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17th February 2020

We bit the bullet and decided to redecorate the kitchen. A certain chaos now prevails in the house!
But at least we were largely spared the ravages of the latest storm (Dennis) to hit the country.

10th February 2020

The country was hit by storm 'Ciara' yesterday – and although we were generally sheltered here, a tree came down and blocked our road yesterday afternoon. It also hit a parked car, though fortunately nobody was injured. After much communal activity and the help of a retired tree surgeon, the road was cleared and the wood (acacia) piled up on the grass verge. Added a bit of excitement to an otherwise dull day!

3rd February 2020

So, we're finally out. The UK formally left the EU on Friday 31st January 2020.
I never thought it would happen – but that's because I'd always hoped that common sense would prevail over parochial bigotry. I was wrong. I think it will come to be seen as a very bad decision.
When fish leave the shoal, or birds the flock, they are likely to be picked off by large predators. Why does this country feel strong enough to take on the world while not strong enough to take on and guide Europe? It makes no sense.
So now we leave the management of continental Europe in the hands of ther Germans again. That didn't turn out too well in the 20th Century, did it?

27th January 2020

I've been typesetting books for several people over the past few months: Grayshott, from Then to Now; Marks in the Sand; A Tale of Two Theatres; and Inspector William Donaldson.
The end of January marks the end of this procession of books, so I'll have to find something else to do with my spare time. I'd quite like to write another play, but can't easily think of a suitable subject.
Meanwhile there's various things to do for Headley Theatre Club, as Dil and I are running a 'Green Room' in a month's time and directing the Summer Show in July which will be an homage to WW2 – and we still have to write the 'script'.

20th January 2020

Have pantomimes had their day? We did a brilliant show over the last two weekends (6 performances) but had the lowest turn-out of audience ever. Perhaps they're all watching Netflix now!

13th January 2020

The first weekend of Snow White went well – see pictures.
Now we're into that 'between shows' week when we've still got our minds on the performances to come, but we also have time to think about other things for once.

6th January 2020

Back from a cruise on Friday, we got plunged straight in to panto preparations! This year it's Snow White.

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