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24th January 2022

Different people are finding their way out of the pandemic in different ways. I've started giving talks again, and most groups assemble and mingle without wearing masks – but at a session last week everyone, including the speakers, wore masks and chairs were spread out 2 metres apart. I'm sure this will be a fertile source of psychological research in years to come.

17th January 2022

On the day that we would have opened our pantomime had we not postponed it, I gave a Zoom talk on the 'History of Headley Theatre Club 2012-2021'. This was the third in the series and brought us up to date.

10th January 2022

So, having said we'd postpone the panto fearing that the cast wouldn't be able to attend rehearsals, they all (or nearly all) turned up at a meeting last week which I'd organised to 'keep us all together' until rehearsal restarted — and it turned into a very productive rehearsal! An example of Murphy's Law in reverse.

3rd January 2022

This time last year I said: "The start of another year – hopefully better than the last!" But it really wasn't, so let's hope the wish comes true this year. We are mightily fed up with this bug!

We have postponed the panto until March hoping that things will have improved by then. We could have tried keeping it running this month, but the problem is that if any member of the cast tested positive for Covid (or even thought they might have it) during the rehearsal run we'd have very few people attending rehearsals. Only time will tell if it all works out OK.
Meanwhile, we had over 20 people attend the New Year's Party which we organised this weekend in the Village Hall – and so far no reports of any bug-spreadings from that. The pic on the right shows light maintenance in the midst of revelry!

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